Criminal Lawyer in San Diego – Practice Areas

Overview of all practice areas – All you need to know when hiring a criminal lawyer in San Diego.


Domestic Violence Defense

If you have been arrested for spousal abuse or any type of domestic violence in San Diego, you must act fast. You need to hire an experienced criminal lawyer in San Diego, who will assign a professional investigator to interview you and anybody else who may have witnessed the incident. Having a lawyer who thoroughly knows domestic violence laws in California is a huge advantage in creating a winning strategy.

DUI – Driving Under the Influence

This is the most common offence in our society and by far a number one reason for stopping a suspect. Did you know that you have the right to refuse to do the field sobriety tests in the field type investigation?

Drug Crime 

Your criminal lawyer in San Diego has to be knowledgeable in principles of drug investigation, informants and case building process.

Theft Crime Defense

According to California Law:

a. Petty theft is charged when the value of the property taken is $950 or less.

b. Grand Theft: In cases where the value of the stolen property is $950 or more.

Juvenile Crime 

The fact is that any minors under 18 years of age can be prosecuted for the same crimes for which adults can be prosecuted. As your criminal lawyer in San Diego, we will do everything to help your daughter or son keep their clean slate intact. 

Sex Crime Defense

Properly created strategy by your criminal lawyer in San Diego, is imperative in winning sex crime cases. Call us today for a free consultation.

Elder Abuse Defense

In this type of case, usually the charges are filed when adult caretakers are accused of exploiting the elderly people they care for. 

Probation Violations

People who fail to comply with terms and conditions of probation may face a cancellation of their probation which might result in a jail or state prison.

Violent Crime Defense

Violent crimes can carry extreme convictions and punishment sentencing. Aggressive defense by a experienced criminal lawyer in San Diego is required to build a successful defense strategy. 

Professional License Defense

If you have been accused of doing something wrong in your professional practice, can you imagine losing your professional licence as a result of the trail gone wrong?

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