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Facing drug charges? Hire a San Diego Drug Crime Lawyer to defend you!

San Diego Drug Crime Lawyer san diego drug crime lawyer San Diego Drug Crime Lawyer San Diego Drug Crime LawyerWagner Defense Law Firm offers experienced and rigorous criminal defense legal services for clients facing narcotics charges in federal and San Diego State courts.

The differences between state and federal drug crimes are in sentencing and pre-trial motions. Our San Diego drug crime lawyer will determine the seriousness of your case and will develop the best strategy to help you in your defense.

What determines the severity of your drug case is the type and quantity of illegal drugs involved. The more pounds/ounces/grams of drugs you have makes the difference on how your case is handled.

Your criminal defense attorney will assess the severity of the drug case. For example, Do you have any prior criminal record? A record with 1 strike or 2 strikes, 1 prison prior or 2, or even felony probation will have a higher punishment than an individual with a clean record or with a minor record which consists of only misdemeanors.

Steps to building a strong defense by a San Diego Drug Crime Lawyer:

1 – We will start our  defense by determining if you received an illegal search of your person, car or home by the arresting officer. Your drug crime attorney will use the California law and will be highly knowledgeable of all the constitutional rules in order to apply them to your case and to create a successful defense on your behalf.

You have the right, under the 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, to be protected against illegal searches and seizures by the police.

2 –  Next, the San Diego drug crime lawyer will determine the validity of the prosecution’s evidence and strength of the case they have against you. We will give you an accurate evaluation so that we can take the necessary steps to build a strong case on your behalf.

A San Diego drug crime lawyer understands the intricacies of the drug world and the workings of undercover investigations. Our criminal attorneys know how to get the job done, we hire private investigators, we look for ways to discredit the informant so that it brings his testimony into question and many other legal tactics to ensure a postive outcome to your case.

California Law Programs

California law provides two programs to help you avoid a drug conviction in cases of simple drug use and possession.

1 – The Penal Code section 1000, otherwise known as the Diversion program. This is normally reserved for first time drug offenders who have only been charged with possession or the use of drugs.*

*You are not eligible for this program, if you are being charged with a DUI that involves drug use or possession.

2 – Another law enacted several years ago is the Proposition 36 law. It is another court program designed specifically for drug users and those in possession of drugs. Those on parole or probation are also allowed to participate.

Once again, if your charge is included with a DUI or any other offense not related to drugs you cannot use this program.

Our San Diego Drug Crime lawyer will negotiate a plea bargain to either dismiss the charges that would disqualify you from the above mentioned programs, or will find a way to make you eligible for the Proposition 36 or Penal Code section 1000 programs.

A drug related conviction on your permanent record can be the cause of many problems in your life, both personally and professionally. You should hire an experienced criminal defense attorney that can answer questions and guide you through the complex legal labyrinth. If you are under investigation for drug crimes or are facing narcotics charges, call Wagner Defense Law office to get immediate help, contact an experienced and dedicated San Diego Drug Crime lawyer who will offer thoughtful and concise representation; will deal directly with prosecutors, speak on your behalf and insure that your rights are protected.

Our San Diego Drug Crime Lawyer will fight and give their 110% to help you get through this difficult and distressing situation.


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