San Diego Violent Crime Lawyer

Do I need a San Diego violent crime lawyer? The consequences are too severe to plead guilty without first consulting a San Diego violent crime lawyer. In most cases these San Diego violent crime lawyer san diego violent crime lawyer San Diego Violent Crime Lawyer probationcrimes can carry extreme convictions and punishment sentencing. An aggressive approach by our experienced San Diego violent crime lawyer is required to build a successful defense strategy. If you have been charged with a violent crime in San Diego, Vista, Murrieta or anywhere in the San Diego county, Randy Wagner will successfully represent your rights and build a winning defense strategy. 

Regardless of the circumstances, we believe that everybody in entitled to a fair trail and the best legal representation. 

A lot of factors are taken into consideration during the trail, which will ultimately determine the severity of punishment. Some of those factors are:

  • Whether weapons or guns were used
  • Level of injuries to the victims
  • If the accused has a criminal record

Defense strategy by our San Diego violent crime lawyer

Conducting an investigation through our office should be done immediately. Interviewing potential defense witnesses before the District Attorney investigators have a chance to, will, in most cases, prove crucial in building a proper defense. This is true for any range of offenses including simple assault and battery, robbery, misdemeanor assault or kidnapping. 

A proper investigation will focus on finding key alibi witnesses, who will testify on your behalf and explain the chain of events which are in favor to your defense. Those key witnesses can also potentially testify that you acted in self-defense. To implement this important piece of the strategy puzzle, you need to contact our San Diego violent crime lawyer immediately.

Our experienced San Diego violent crime lawyer understands the law from the point of view of the District Attorney and Judges.  We will use the best resources and tools available to achieve the best possible outcome for your case. Call us today to receive a free consultation and free case review.

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